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At Shepherds View, residents can receive 24-hour non-medical care while also enjoying transportation arrangement and assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs), some of which include bathing, eating, and maintaining continence (toileting). When living at Shepherds View Assisted Living, residents can participate in community events and activities, such as exercise classes, group outings and social hours. Also of note, residents at Shepherds View Assisted Living can enjoy a variety of amenities that include kitchenettes, a beauty salon, and a shared dining room.

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What services are typically offered at Shepherds View Assisted Living?

At Shepherds View we offer safe comfortable living spaces,  good meals and snacks, complete laundry service, diabetic nail care, assistance with bathing, dressing and activities of daily living. Our capable staff encourage residents to perform individual measures of self care and staff assist where it is needed. We provide activities, crafts, exercise and encourage active mobility. In the event a resident is confined to the hospital they may return here if they have potential to be able to make a pathway to safety within 45 days. 

Also called skilled nursing, a nursing home is a better option for seniors who need considerable, 24/7 daily care, or memory issues. Assisted living communities are best for those who are largely self-sufficient, active, and are looking to simplify their lifestyle, with a little extra help.

Seniors living in independent living communities typically need very little, if any, daily assistance. They live their life taking care of the far majority of their daily tasks including cooking, bathing, cleaning, getting around, taking their medications, etc. Those in assisted living are largely self-sufficient, but do need some daily assistance for the tasks above. Both should expect full privacy on a daily basis.

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What Families Are Saying

 My family is so thankful for the dedicated Shepherd’s View caregivers. I am so thankful Shepherd’s View has remained a safe haven. 

Brenda Ledgerwood

I am thankful for the staff, Sheila and Becky for all they do for the residents. You are in my prayers daily.

Loviena Strain

I was so excited that the vaccine was available at Shepherd's View. Thanks to all that made it possible. We appreciate their great work.

Addie Martin

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